Our Mission:

What do you want the future to look like?

Our long-term mission is to change how humans interact with digital information, knowledge, and technology.

We believe in a future where the way humans interact with information, knowledge, and technology will have fundamentally changed.

We question, challenge, design and build new paradigms of computation. A big motivation for this company comes from the fearless desire to answer the simplest yet most complex question one can ask: What do you want the future to look like?

We find it imperative to raise awareness and develop new models of human-machine interaction. We're here to find the technologies, design principles and philosophies that will enable humans and machines to cooperate in a healthy way.

We believe that technology should become more and more invisible, that technology should be there when required and disappear otherwise. We see computation and technology as the great enabler, but we do not stand technology built with for the sake of "engagement".

We believe that the human experience should be at the core of everything we do, that more creative power and a brighter future should be the ultimate goal.

We work with a few considerations in mind: our creations should feel organic, simple, and work at human speed: since they are built with humans in mind. They should feel light and balanced: we are minimalists at heart. We want to Innovate from a natural perspective, even when we're designing a totally futuristic way of experiencing information.

While we're still extremely young as a company, we have envisioned a set of experiences, products, and services that are aligned with our mission and will allow us to walk in the best direction to accomplish it.

(as of 22/4/19)