Welcome to the first visual knowledge tool that will allow you to experience information in a completely new perspective.

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Overview First

Our aim is to provide a great overview on a topic or concept that might be new to you. We do so by displaying images and relations from the subject at hand.

If you want to know more about an object, simply hover over it and you will get just the insight you need.

Navigate visually

Using our explorer you will be able to visualize complex subjects in a simple way. Our radial interface and knowledge engine presents you with the most relevant content and relations to be discovered.

Exploring worlds of knowledge is just a click away.

Closing the gap

We feel that current interfaces are detached from the human thought process, and ignore how knowledge inhabits and shapes our brain. Humans should be able to work with information at the speed of thought.

We base our approach on the theories of connectivism, knowledge ontologies and thought structures that represent the particular beliefs a person holds.

The Explorer interface aims to close the gap between information and the user's brain.

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VR Explorer

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